1. Why does VWC offer iConnect Life Groups?
iConnect Life Groups are offered in order to help foster connection and relationship and to help everyone grow even more in their walk with the Lord. An iConnect Life Group is also a great place for visitors and newcomers to meet others who attend VWC!

2. What will an iConnect Life Group look like?
Most iConnect Life Groups will meet in someone’s home and will last between 1 ½ and 2 hours. There may be a snack of some kind, followed by a fun activity, a video Bible study, discussion, and prayer. The dress is casual, and don’t forget to bring your Bible and a pen or pencil.

3. Who can attend an iConnect Life Group?
iConnect Life Groups are open to everyone, regardless of age, experience, background, or membership. Wherever you are in life, you’ll fit in just fine.

4. What if I have children?
We love children and families! If childcare is available, it will be noted in the facilitator’s information. We are always open to additional facilitators who would be willing to facilitate a group and offer childcare at their chosen location!

5. How long do I stay in an iConnect Life Group?
This current session of iConnect Life Groups will last for 10 weeks.

6. How can I join an iConnect Life Group?
You can register for the group of your choice by clicking here.