• Religion is Bologna
    Religion is Bologna
    Pastor Ray Eppard explains why religion is a bunch of bologna.

Welcome to Victory Worship Center & World Outreach

Victory Worship Center and World Outreach is a church in Staunton, Virginia that is a little different. We believe religion is a bunch of bologna. Religious bologna is based on condemnation and guilt, but, like bologna, it’s packaged nicely — it has a robe, some stained-glass windows, and a religious voice — so people think it’s God. The reality is that God loves you and wants to make a positive difference in your life.

Our church makes a difference by applying the Bible to everyday life. This practical application of Truth includes using Scripture to effectively deal with real-world situations, which results in a positive message that is imparted through all of our ministries, including our popular youth and children programs that attract 150 kids and teens every week. Our styles and methods are interactive and fun. Kids look forward to coming to church! Learn more about Victory Worship Center and World Outreach.